I've Found My Calling

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's in predicting international soccer contests. Screw analyzing the teams that I like and follow with intense passion like the Celtics or the Jets. Or a sport that I follow daily like baseball. Nope, I just need casual observance to have a solid showing in predictions.

And this brings me to my Euro 2008 predictions from two weeks ago. The first round concluded yesterday, and well if it wasn't for Peter Cech's boneheaded inability to catch a cross I would be 8 for 8 in the group selections. Instead Turkey blasted its way in the final 10 past the Czech Republic. Anyway through the first round of the ESPN Euro Pick'Em challenge I am in the 98.1 %. Now I just can't decide whether alter the order of my selections to reflect my original predictions of Italy vs. Portugal, or keep the checks as they lay now which would lead to the Dutch vs. Portugal.

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