Is "Ahhhhhhhhhhh Good Afternoon Everybody" Soon to Be Dead

Monday, June 23, 2008

Perhaps this is only relevant to those of us in the Tri-State, but Neil Best at Newsday is reporting that the Mike and the Mad Dog program just might be no longer. Apparently the two are not getting a long so well and that strain could perhaps abruptly end their show only months from their 19th anniversary.

While both think they know just about everything on the planet and can be annoyingly pompous at times, they are vastly entertaining and this would deal a significant blow to my miserable hour commute. At the very least you can't say they aren't passionate about their opinions and about sports in general.

Who knows if both would leave, one would get a new cohost, or this rumor even has merrit, but regardless the rumor itself is cause for concern. Michael Kay is the lone sports radio competitor in my area during the rush hour session and well I easily disagree with him. Meanwhile the FAN's mid day show of Evan and Joe, to me atleast, isn't remotely as entertaining as Max Kellerman and Brian Kenny. Thus if this breakup is imminent than the FAN needs to get their ass in gear to find replacements that can hold their current dominant ratings performance.

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