Perk is Back Prepare for the Hack

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey Kobe we know you're going to get in the lane every once in awhile and we know you're going to get your points. But when you get to the lane be prepared for Perk. Cause he's not gonna defend the ball he's gonna smack you upside the head and pick up a foul.

Soft serve Pau, you ready to get smacked up side the head all game when you have the ball in your hands? You ready for bruising hip checks? You ready for Perk to cradle your skull only to delivering a thundering head butt?

Lamar you want to bring your weak game into the lane? Well prepare for body blows and checks from Perk. Perk will swat those pansy layups and in his follow through smash the back of your head with his elbow. Cause Perk swings with purpose.

That's right boys and girls with Perk back that means 6 more hard fouls. Go Perk... More Football Player than Basketball Player.

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