Time to Get Over Yourself a Bit

Friday, June 20, 2008

I understand that everybody in Philadelphia hates JD Drew, hell last year everybody basically hated JD Drew even Red Sox fans (they probably turned around when he blasted a grand slam in the postseason). I understand that he dismissed your franchise and that you feel burned by him, but can we just analyze what the hell happened. Daulerio at Deadspin is a Brotherly Lovian, and pretty much is sick of the whole derogatory actions that are directed at Drew and brought up the point that it was actually the front office who failed to meet the demands which Boras laid on the table for all to know well before he was drafted. I would like to bring up a slightly different factual point that everybody ignores. And that is Pat Burrell.

Contrary to popular belief when you do not sign your draft pick you actually do not lose your first round pick. Instead you get an additional pick in the next seasons draft. Thus by not signing your pick you're delaying the recruitment of talent. In the 1998 draft the Phillies garnered the #1 pick as a result of the jilting by JD Drew. With that pick they drafted, you guessed it, Pat the Bat. With their second pick they selected Eric Valent whom you probably don't remember, but again that's not the point.

The Phillies didn't get Drew who's bounced between 4 teams in his career but rather got Pat who's played every professional game in a Phillies uniform. While their talents are different their production throughout their career and this season is comparable. So can Philadelphians please fight with the facts for once instead of just spewing misguided hate all the time.

[What I'm saying is that it would be way cooler if they convinced Pat the Bat to defeat JD in a steal cage death match rather than just throw batteries at him]

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