Danilo Gallinari Shall Now Be Known as Big Cock

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In my limited interest in the draft I decided to do some research on Danilo Gallinari to see just what he was about. So naturally I first went to Wikipedia to check out his entry. It didn't provide much insight, but what it did provide was a link to Danilo's website. The website of course is in Italian, but that's what Google Translate is for. So I started my perusing and guess what Danilo has his very own blog, aptly named the DBLOG. And hoorah it was time to peruse the blog using the wondrously incorrect translations provided by google. Here are some highlights with one resulting serious conclusion:

His First Blog Post:

I was very amused to design these pages, and in particular are very happy to have even a blog ...
Not a blog any ...
This will be my blog, my diary, where write everything that I passing through the mind, tenendovi always up to date on what I am doing and thinking.
I like the idea to be able to compare with all who follow me, with you ...
this is exactly the right place to free the mind and relax.

Great Insight on Yao:

This morning I was with the radio turned to me to the shower when I hear that Yao Ming was injured and that the season with Houston is over!
I have precipitated the PC on the Internet and I find that not only is true, but which could also skip the Olympics!
Well .. I said now I call and do my mouth in a wolf .. because I felt close more than you imagine!

[Note He signed of this post simply as Cock]

Best Comments (Apparently Italians love his Cock):

Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to be ... fantastic game ... and as always great cock!

Written by Francy May 19 08 @ 20:23

great guys! grande vuckevic, super-booker e mitico gallo!! vuckevic great, super-booker and mythical cock!
l'atmosfera al forum era spettacolare! the atmosphere at the forum was spectacular! grazie! thank you! e adesso continuate così!!! and now continue so!

Written by chelseadaggers May 13 08 @ 17:28

27 points big cock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scritto da walter_94 il 19 maggio 08 @ 17:24 Written by walter_94 May 19 08 @ 17:24 (Link)

So what have we learned? Whatever his nickname is in Italy (Gallo) it translates simply to Cock. Therefore I think it should stay. Why should he have to change what so many Italian fans loved about him prior. He should be able to transition comfortably to the US by keeping his nickname, thus Long Live Danilo 'Big Cock' Gallinari.

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Well .. I said now I call and do my mouth in a wolf .. because I felt close more than you imagine!

he probably means good luck because "in bocca al lupo" means "in the mouth of the wolf" which is like "break a leg" in english...

Anonymous said...
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Gallo is the Italian word for rooster but most of the time when you translate it in English (paper dictionary or online translators) it simply becomes "cock" (from the French word "coq"). I am French, I know what I am talking about cuz I used to make the same mistake haha!

liloo2602 said...
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