The One Time Scott Boras Is a Blessing to Big Market Clubs

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I think Scott Boras is the equivalent of Satan to major league baseball, he could take much of the blame for the ever increasing salaries and the money over loyalty mlb player attitude. But if you're a fan of a major market team come draft day than Scott Boras is officially your friend. Why, because often his presence frightens the Royals of the world.

Every year Boras latches onto a few uber prospects who could potentially be one of the first players selected in the draft. Yet, it always seems as if many of these players slip, but why? It's simple, Boras is willing to take a major risk to get his players top dollar and is unwilling to compromise. If you draft a Boras client and don't want to pay the hefty price tag than Boras has no problem telling you 'go screw' and having his player suit up for whatever Independent league team that will currently pay the bills. And come deadline time if you still are unwilling to offer top dollar Boras has no problem letting you know that you just wasted your first round pick because his client isn't signing the dotted line but rather is entering next years draft.

It all started for Boras in 1997 with JD Drew. JD was selected with the 2nd pick of the draft by the Philadelphia Phillies, yet a combination of poor offers by the Phillies and a lack of desire to live in the city of brotherly love left contract discussions in the dust. By late spring Drew was suiting up for the St. Paul Saints rather than in the Phillies organization. Come the signing deadline, both Boras and Drew decided it was best to re-enter the 1998 draft and poof the Phillies had wasted their opportunity to get a potential cornerstone player.

This has continued ever since including last season when Rick Porcello was considered the top high school pitching prospect in the country. He was regarded as a sure fire top ten talent but when Boras asked for over 7 million dollars he plummeted all the way to the Detroit Tigers at pick #27 who eventually shelled out 7.28 million dollars over four years. Had the dollar amount been lower who knows where Porcello might be this spring.

So for once in your lifetime certain fans can be happy about Scott Boras. If you're a major market club who never find themselves having a top 5 pick than Boras is your opportunity. He is the only way you can land a top 5 pick. All you need to do is be willing to concede to his greed.

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