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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If there's one consistent topic I've been wrong about since this blogs inception than its the Boston Celtics (other than predicting them to win the title this year of course). So let's take a look back at all of my miserable opinions from the start of this blog.

The first of which was one of my first basketball posts at this here blog regarding my assessment of the 2006 NBA Draft. I thought the Celtics needed a distributor, someone who could make open jump shots and run an offense I thought they needed a big time point guard and I thought they needed Marcus Williams. So when they picked Rondo a player who proved in college he couldn't shoot I thought it was incredibly poor decision. (Trading the #8 pick which turned out to be Brandon Roy for Bassy was still a very dumb decision). I was continually hard on Rondo throughout his rookie season and coming into this season in my post about finding the next Celtics point guard I said "...the biggest need for the squad is a point guard, as Rajon Rondo is not going to be the answer this season." Whoops. Granted Rondo at home is superman and on the road he's superman holding kryptonite, but he certainly was a big time reason why their defense was so strong.

Now onto my biggest past criticisms and my desire for Doc and Danny to get the axe. With Danny's miserable history on trades which I chronicled last year how exactly was I supposed to predict him making intelligent decisions in the future. I even petitioned for people to venture off to the site Can Danny. And as for Doc, sure I wanted him fired but come on so did everybody else. The only thing he was especially good at in the past seasons was tanking games. He definitely wasn't good at developing talent for finding solid rotations (something he still sucks at).

Then the offseason came and when the ping pong dropped in the wrong direction I felt a sense of doom. When the Celtics decided to trade their 5th pick for Ray Allen I was essentially indifferent to the decision while the majority of the media was criticizing the move. My personal thoughts were that at least it gave the Celtics buzz and the #5 pick wouldn't have helped that much. But alas this was the first big example of myself failing to show any vision.

And then came my biggest mistake, disagreeing with the KG trade. I think my general sentiments are summed up well in its conclusion:

This has been my longest rant ever at SimonOnSports and I guess it's simply built up hatred for Danny and Doc and their overwhelming desire to trade my favorite Celtic along with every other chip of value for a 31 year old aging superstar that they are going to incredibly overpay. One that I've never been that fond of. I don't think the deal is the right move, I don't think they will win a championship and even worse I think it means I'll have to see those two asses roaming the sidelines for the foreseeable future.

Only a few days later after my rage died down, I back tracked and back tracked some more on my initial statements, but the negative feelings still lingered. I didn't want KG, I wanted Big Al, he was my favorite Celtic I didn't want him to go to bring in and 'aging' superstar. I wanted to win with players I had grown with and I didn't have the vision to see the moves that would win them a title. The biggest move being signing James Posey, whom the Celtics would not have won the title without.

Anyway I'm sorry Doc I'm sorry Danny, you guys were right I was wrong. You guys are smart I'm stupid. You guys take gatorade baths I barely take showers. You guys have a ring and multi millions and live in mansions I have um a blog and live in 'my mothers basement'.

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P.J. Brown, Eddie House, and James Posey are moves where Danny needs to get the credit. All played key roles in the playoffs. I thought Cassell hurt them more than helped them with his play.

There was no way to predict the Celtics would become a defensive stopper team with KG.

I tip my hat to the Cs and they deserved the title.

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