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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So after I shoved my foot in my mouth this morning perhaps it's time for just some semblance of analysis. Simple analysis, but analysis.

The Celtics were simply a better basketball team. Paul Pierce is not leaps and bounds worse than Kobe Bryant. In given games Pierce could easily match Kobe's production thus nullifying the Lakers sole advantage. The rest of the Celtics roster was simply far superior.

The bench play was completely overlooked by the media coming into the game. Namely James Posey who was a force for much of the series. He knocked down huge shots and played stellar defense. Eddie House when Doc finally got it through his skull that he should played also knocked down huge shots and balanced off the court when the Cs made their huge run in game 4. Additionally House provided scoring when Allen and Pierce were not on the floor. Finally Powe dominated game 2 and was the biggest reason they won that game.

The biggest reason the Celtics won this series? They aren't soft. The Lakers however are. Pau Gasol is a talented player, but if you body him up enough and play physical enough with him he starts to make poor decision and his game starts to fade. Lamar Odom gets hit and turns into a whining 3 year old. Vujacic and Radmanovic are typical European shooters. They don't board they don't play defense and they certainly aren't physical. The Lakers did not have enough presence down on the blocks to consistently score, defend or rebound. And without they they became subject to prolonged slumps and prolonged Celtics runs. Celtics runs that ended their season in embarrassing fashion.

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