It's Time to Hang 'Em Up

Monday, June 30, 2008

Taking a look around stats across MLB I came across old man river Omar Vizquel. Vizquel will never be known for his hitting considering in his 20 year career he's managed to hit over .300 just once and managed to hit double digit homers once as well. So it's not surprising that the 41 year old isn't mashing this season, but his numbers are as miserable as they could possibly be.

For the season Omar is hitting .156 (19-122) and that's downright terrible. What makes it even worse is that 8 for his first 18, so that would make him 11 for his last 104 putting him at a massive .105 since May 15th. Furthermore Vizquel has only 3 extra base hits this season (all doubles) the last coming on May 21st meaning he's gone 86 at bats without recording a single one double, triple or home run.

And if that wasn't bad enough for you, Omar's been even worse the last half of June. Since June 14th Omar has one single in 32 at bats. In that span he's grabbed 1 rbi, scored 2 runs and walked twice. Thus in his last 11 games Omar has a slugging percentage of .03125 and an on base percentage of .0909 giving him an OPS of .122. This is essentially equivalent to the OPS of hitting one double in the same span.

So ya I think it's probably time for Omar to hang 'em up and let someone else play.

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That's some good word play...

he's gone 86 at bats without recording a single double, triple or home run.

So 86 hitless at bats then?

Matt said...
1:03 PM  

Meant a single extra base hit...

Anonymous said...
2:05 PM  

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