Friday Video Blowout

Friday, June 27, 2008

Everyone needs something to keep them occupied on Friday afternoons so the Friday Video Blowout was born. Spend your next few minutes, laughing, crying of laughter, pissing your self, whatever, but mostly wasting your companies time.

Videos In Order Courtesy of EC, LIO, COED Mag, Hot Clicks, Sports Hernia, Unique Daily, Busted Coverage, Fanhouse, LIO

She certainly isn't Abreu's daughter.

If we were in the Philippines we could just watch them go at it.

This is why Shaq was renowned as an awful rapper.

Delicious baseball juice. Clemens adds steroids and Viagra to his breakfast blend.

Oh my god that must have hurt so much. He's such a warrior.

Come on that doesn't hurt at all. Ronaldo would take that like a man.

Do skullets bring championships to all people?

Come on John you of all people know you should finish the beer first.

Sneaky sneaky. He didn't even offer a reach around.

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