2010 Preseason College Football Blogpoll

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's the Preseason Poll, aka a massive guessing game of what is going to happen. In no sport is it a larger guessing game than College Football. Unless you are a diehard 24/7 365 follower of College Football than chances are you have little to no idea how good teams are going to be. You likely know which quarterbacks and stud players left particular schools but what you do not likely know is whom replaced them. Chances are you've followed your favorite teams through Rivals/Scout in the offseason to see what kind of recruiting class they brought in but you don't know squat about anybody else. Anywho here goes on a Preseason poll that is sure to be 100% different from the final post bowl game poll.

Again, this isn't something that's an exact science. It's a guessing game. A game in which I have worse odds than a Roulette Table.

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I run another blogger blog in the poll-but I cannot get the chart to format correctly in blogger?

Did you make any changes to the "approved" format template?


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