The History of Super Bowl Squares

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Super Bowl Boxes are a glorious way for you, on one day during the calendar year, to gamble with your office mates or buddies (and unlike March Madness this requires zero skill or thought at all). Chances are you at this very moment have a spreadsheet on your computer or a print out on your desk that has your name in a variety of boxes. You are sitting there looking at each box likely thinking "OH COME ON 2-5? What kind of BS is that?" or you are celebrating a glorious number like 0-3 or 0-7. Well, how about we delve into the 44 year history of the Super Bowl and take a look into just exactly what has hit.

1st Quarter

The First Quarter's distribution can be defined by 1 word, "boring". Out of 100 boxes only 13 have come up in 44 games. 10 of which wound up at 0-0 which is the most likely combo to get some form of payout. In addition, 10 games have finished at 3-0 and 8 at 7-0. In other words, if you don't have a 0-3-7 combo, than you can just about count out the first quarter. 1-2-5-8-9 have all yet to join in on the 1st quarter party. All of this explains why for the most part the winner of the 1st quarter gets paid out the least.

2nd Quarter
The second quarter provides a lot more distribution than the 1st quarter but still it is not all that exciting. Halftime and zero are very much on a collision course. 24 of the 44 Super Bowls have consisted of at least one zero in the score line.

3rd Quarter
The 3rd quarter is when numbers start flying around a bit.  You get a few in the 9s, a few in the 8s, hell even some 5s get involved.  But again the mainstays of boxes climb through.  The 7s and 0s continue to rein supreme.

Final Score
When looking at the Final Scores it's obvious that it has the most diversity of any of the quarters.  The largest pairing combination is 7-4 and that has happened under 10% of all Super Bowls.  The one thing that kind of suprises me is that at no point in any Super Bowl has their been a 0-0 finale, so while getting 0-0 has a good chance of getting you an early pay date, it's not going to bring you home the big prize.

Overall Payout
Here is what I would calculate as the "Final Payout".  These numbers were calculated with the following per quarter payout 1st: 10%, Half Time: 25%, 3rd: 15%, Final Score: 50%.  The Red squares have zero action, zero payout, in 44 years.  The Green Squares have ample payouts (with the 7-0 combo being numero uno). The Yellow Squares are decent and the White Squares have at least one payout in 44 years.

Random Notes
~44 Super Bowls * 4 Quarters = 176 Squares Hit
~45 of the 100 number combinations have never once hit.
~2s, 5s, and 8s are pretty much a death combination regardless of what they are paired with. If they are paired with each other you might as well just throw the sheet out.
~John Elway led the Broncos to back to back Super Bowl losses in the 80s. In each of those 8 quarters his team finished with a 0. The Broncos scored 30 points in the 2 games, ethey scored 10 points in 3 seperate quarters.
~Super Bowl V would have been a very boring squares as the numbers were (0,3), (6,3), (6,3), (6,3).
~Finally the below chart shows how much payout there would have been if you had a 1000$ pool per Super Bowl every year.

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