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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is what I thought of while watching the end of the Seahawks game last night.  Was the decision to give the Seahawks a touchdown and the next fifteen minutes not amazing television? Seeing Pete Carrol interviewed before the game was technically over and him being told they need to kick the XP for which he replies "Get me any 11 guys", all while watching the Packers run off the field only to trot back on, pulling random helmets out of a bucket so they could "defend" a completely meaningless extra point.  For entertainment purposes that was on another level.  As the saying goes, everybody watches a train wreck, and this train wreck is fantastic.

Outside the fact that it was pretty clearly an interception, I don't understand why people are so up in arms with this result. Or the fact that the officiating botched the call in the first place.

A) If you're not a Packers fan, a fan of a different NFC West team or a gambling man who lost $$$, wouldn't you prefer the Packers (the team that went 15-1 last year) to lose?

B) I enjoy the hypocrisy of "Replay can only review whether a ruled 'simultaneous catch' was caught" and not whether it was a simultaneous catch in the first place.  The NFL continues to want officials to stand by what they deem as "judgement calls" when every single call in a football game is a judgement call.  Every spot, every flag, every catch ruling, every single thing a ref does is in real time and can be questioned yet only some of it is reviewable.  If the NFL didn't have dumb rules with their replays then the Packers would have won last night, which again who cares?

If I was Goodell I would send out a memo to the officiating crew and say, just don't take 45 minutes to conference on every call to make sure you get it right. Who cares if you get it right? Just don't botch the flow of the game and everyone will whine about the officiating like they always do every single season regardless of whether they are replacement or Eddie Muscles.

My 2 cents....

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