Optimism is Dying

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The above image is the Jets Drive Summary from this weekends game against San Francisco. I decided to peruse it on monday to make sure what I saw with my own eyes could be verified just as terribly on paper. The conclusion was yes, verified.

The above drive chart shows you that the MOST successful drive the Jets had for the entire game was their first. This drive lasted all of 7 plays, gained a total of 30 yards, and ended in a punt. WOOOO! SUCCESS!

After a drive like that, one could only expect the remainder of the possessions to pale in comparison. And they did just that. From the conclusion of that possession no Jets drive would contain the following combination 1) Garner at least 1 first down & 2) Punt. Of the 11 remaining possessions, only 4 included the Jets gaining a 1st down. Each of these 4 possessions ended in a turnover. So if you're adding it up at home, after the first and most successful possession, the Jets followed that up with 4 turnovers and 7 three and outs.

Tell me how you can look at that drive chart and maintain abundant optimism?

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