The 2010 Playoffs Are About Revenge

Monday, January 24, 2011

In life there is often no bigger motivator than a previous failure and the desire to overcome it. The Human thirst for revenge and vengeance is an unending chain in our DNA. In this years playoffs, nothing has defined it more so than revenge.

Wildcard Round

January 24th, 2010: AFC Championship Game, New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
In Rex Ryan's season the Jets managed to shock everybody, not only by backing into the playoffs but by pulling off two road upsets to set up 60 minutes for a potential trip to the Super Bowl. It was not to be as the Colts and Peyton Manning led a swift comeback to put to 09 Jets where they belonged, not in the NFL Title Game. This loss stuck with Rex the entire season and resulted in a "This is Personal" theme prior to gameday... New York Jets 17 - Indianapolis Colts 16

November 21st, 2010: Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints
The Seahawks in the midst of their swan dive went into New Orleans in late November and came away with a 15 point loss. Prior to their WildCard playoff game, the Seahawks both had that taste of defeat coupled with the fact that no one thought they deserved to be playing in the game or had any chance of coming out the victor. Seattle Seahawks 41 - New Orleans Saints 36

Divisional Round

October 3rd, 2010: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens went into Heinz field as the favorites. They lined up the Steel Curtain at the perfect time, one week prior to the return of their suspended quarterback and they struggled to a tightly contested victory. The Steelers were able to avenge the loss later in the regular season in Baltimore, but they still had something to prove on their home turf. Pittsburgh Steelers 31 - Baltimore Ravens 24

November 28th, 2010: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
Matt Ryan and the #1 seeded Falcons were unbeatable at home. In Matty Ice's career they had lost just one game in the dome and on November 28th he would not find his second. Even with the Packers scoring the tying touchdown with just 56 seconds to play, their defense could not stop a drive that ended up with the game winning field goal for Atlanta. Unfortunately for the Falcons, Matty Ice's home record was about to take a down turn. Green Bay Packers 48 - Atlanta Falcons 21

October 17th, 2010: Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks
Prior to the halfway mark of the season the pundits were still a bit unsure of where these two teams fit into the landscape of the NFL. The Bears had some impressive wins but laid a gigantic egg against the Giants in prime time. The Seahawks were a mediocre team that no one thought was particularly good but was still at least .500. On this day however the Seahawks clearly looked the better team, beating Cutler to a pulp and recording 6 sacks and the W. Three Months later, Cutler's jersey would look sparkling and clean.
Chicago Bears 35 - Seattle Seahawks 24

December 6th, 2010: New York Jets at New England Patriots
On December 6th, the Jets and patriots were supposed to be engaged in an epic clash for the division. Both teams were 9-2. Both teams were in the discussion for best team in the NFL. A win for either would position them for a first round by. It was supposed to be a close encounter. It was a debacle. A debacle which again made it it "Personal" for Rex and in turn quite possibly the biggest revenge game of them all. New York Jets 28 - New England Patriots 21

Championship Round

September 27th, 2010: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears
Just three weeks into the season and in prime time, the Packers were Super Bowl front runners and the Bears were an after thought. The Packers however decided that the yellow on their uniform needed a lot of friends, 18 little yellow flags to be exact. The Bears took advantage and took the division and despite, like the Steelers having avenged the game in the regular season, the Pack still had something to prove at Soldier Field. Green Bay Packers 21 - Chicago Bears 14

December 19th, 2010: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Jets
On December 19th the New York Jets were reeling. They had just lost back to back division games and were in danger of backing their way out of the playoffs. They needed a victory, and seconds after the coin toss they were handed the momentum via a Brad Smith kickoff td return. The Jets were able to hold on in the final seconds for the W, however come January 24th things would play out differently. For the first time the Jets did not have the revenge factor on their side, instead the revenge factor lay in the hands of their opponent. Pittsburgh Steelers 24 - New York Jets 19

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