Creating a 2011 Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial

Friday, January 28, 2011

Taco Bell is currently in the news for being sued over their fake beef. They have fought back with a full page newspaper ad saying their beef is 88% percent BEEF and 12% secret. Since I don't think a pansy one page newspaper ad with the guts and heart of Jay Cutler will be enough, I present to you the Taco Bell 2011 Super Bowl Commercial.

It Starts with a Trip in a Limo to a Mystery Location (Yes it's the Stupid Dominoes Ad)

To Some Random Feed Lot in Mexico...

"Do You Think Taco Bell Wants You to Know What Their Beef is Made of? Do you Think you DESERVE to know what kind of Cow they Use? Well I have a surprise for you..."

"Boom, Kenny Mother Fucking Powers loves tacos"

"Ahhhhh the mullet, the Jheri curl juice, in the sauce?"

"Shut up bitch and give me a blow job... Oh my lines. You know what's more powerful than a Kenny Powers Fastball?"

"Fucking nothing that's right, but this comes close..."

"...Fucking Bolt Gun and then bam... IN YOUR TACO. DELICIOUS"

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