Chasing Lines: The USA's Odds Are Long

Friday, June 11, 2010

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The World Cup begins today and I'm wondering just how Patriotic you feel today. The US enters the tournament with 95:1 odds meaning the gambling community essentially feels that the US has zero shot of pulling of the massive World Cup upset and truly why would they. Soccer is not one of the prime sports in this country and we have never had any major success in this tournament. If the US were to somehow come home with World Cup trophy in hand it would be one of the more historical sports upsets.

The Americans may be ranked #14 overall in the FIFA World Rankings as well as SI's World Cup Power Rankings but they aren't truly in the class of the European and South American powerhouses. The Americans do not have any players getting regular playing time on any of the European club giants. Meanwhile, a team like Spain, whom the US dramatically upset last year, consists of players plying their trade at teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia. The Spanish players and other European giants are simply more talented and play against the top competition day in and day out. The only hope for the US is that somehow their unit is much greater than the sum of their parts.

So again I ask, how patriotic do you feel today? Are you willing to basically drop $50 bucks on America even though they basically have no chance, simply because you really really feel American today? The payout would be quite nice if somehow they did pull off the upset, and when they don't you can simply write it off as a debt you paid as an American. So is it America or $50?

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