Dear Corey Hart

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Corey Hart,

Hi Corey, I have a relatively simple question for you. See in 2009 I thought you were going to be some breakout 25/25 hitter and that you were going to build upon your steady career progressions in your 27 year old season and because of this I drafted you in my first round (8 keepers per team so 9th round in reality). But instead of getting 25/25 you put up a measly 12 HRs and 11 steals. You drove in basically no runs and frankly were a completely useless fantasy asset. In laymans terms, you sucked.

So my question is pretty simple, why do you keep on hitting home runs this season? Why have you eclipsed your 2009 HR totals in 1/3 of a season? Can you go back to sucking so I won't be annoyed at the fact that the only year I owned you in a 4 season span was the only year you weren't remotely useful? It's just a little request. I mean your team is already out of it so no one would really care or notice if you only hit say, 4 more home runs the entire season. So how about that? 4 more homers puts you at 20, you can then shut it down, still have a 20 HR season on your belt, and all of the 2009 fantasy Hart owners won't feel so so bad at the difference of Hart 09 and Hart 10. Just a request. Hope you oblige.


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Obscure reference - Corey Hart was also the name of the 80's singer who performed the classic "Sunglasses at Night."

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