11 Stats Around AJ Burnett's Miserable 2010 Season

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1. AJ Burnett is the 6th Highest Paid Starting Pitcher in MLB this season. He is the 20th highest paid player in all of baseball.

2. Of the 93 MLB pitchers whom qualify*, AJ Burnett ranks dead last in ERA.

3. Of the 93 MLB pitchers whom qualify*, AJ Burnett ranks 89th in WHIP.

4. AJ Burnett is currently tied for having the second most losses in the league trailing only Kevin Millwood (Oreos) and Joe Saunders (LAA/ARI).

5. Of those 15 losses, just one was dubbed a "Tough Loss" which has the not so difficult bar set as a loss in which you earned a Quality Start.

6. Speaking of Quality Starts, AJ has thrown 13 this season putting him at a percentage of .41% which ranks him 101st of the 107 pitchers with over 140 IP.

7. AJ Burnett ranks 40th out of the 107 pitchers with over 140 IP in regards to run support. In comparison Kevin Millwood ranks 90th and Joe Saunders ranks 79th. (King Felix ranks dead last, ouch)

8. AJ Burnett has a WAR of 1 which values him at just 4.1$ million dollars... He makes much more than that.

9. AJ has given up 6 or more Earned Runs in 10 of his 32 starts.

10. In 11 games against Boston, Tampa, Minnesota, Texas and Philadelphia Burnett has pitched 56 innings giving up 40 Earned Runs, 66 Hits, 28 Walks and striking out 41.

11. AJ Burnett still thinks he deserves to start in the playoffs based solely on his 2009 postseason performance in which he pitched 3 QS in his 5 outings.

*Qualified for pitchers is equal to 1 IP per game your team has played. End of season qualified is 162.

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Burnett is a monumental disappointment and does not deserve a start in the playoffs. During the off season he should he should work on his pie making skills. He might make a better baker than a pitcher in the major leagues.

Anonymous said...
11:30 AM  

he's still no pavano

Frank the Tank said...
5:55 PM  

Frank, I have to agree with you on that!

Anonymous said...
7:02 PM  

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