Dear Lebron James

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Lebron James,

Hi Lebron, with the NBA season just around the corner it must be an exciting time for you. You get to concentrate on being a basketball player and riding the coattails playing with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. You must be so excited that you.... do an interview and foolishly say that race played a factor in why people hate you now.

[Internal Screaming]

Ok We're better now. Lebron, we really have no care in the world for whether you are black, white, asian, latino or some version of this. The reason why we lowered your approval rating so much this offseason is because you are a self promoting asshole who had zero difficulty throwing a knife into the hearts of his former fanbase nor had any problem creating a "Super" team for which all of us will have zero issues rooting against.

We Americans like to vilify and you did a fantastic job of making that easy for us to do with "The Decision". You were the local super hero. You were the greatest thing to ever come out of Ohio. You were the Golden Child of the state. You were the one thing Cleveland Sports had going for them. Hell their economy was based on Lebron James. And you took that state put a bullet in its head in favor of your front running desires. You are now the villain. If you can't understand why people would dislike you for this, than you are both a complete idiot and an asshole/front runner.

The People That Think You Are a Douche Because You Are a Douche Not Because You Are Black

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