Blogpoll Week 2

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

It's week 1 which means this ballot is as its supposed to be, ridiculous looking. Of all the games played this weekend there were only 7 notable victories (and I can't vote for Jacksonville St.) and some of those victories were marginal at best.

Boise is #1: They pulled off the comeback. They have the biggest win of the weekend by far. They won at a "neutral" (aka 80% Hokie) site against arguably the best ACC team. It's just unfortunate that the rest of their schedule is pathetic and that they won't stay here for too long. If anything Boise at least can be glad Fresno St. knocked off Cincy at home which will cred for a few weeks until we come to the conclusion that Cincy 2010 is not Cincy 2009.

The MWC Brings It: Utah knocks off Pitt and TCU knocks off Oregon St. The two schools got a BCS team to travel to their home stadiums and managed to squeeze out victories, good for them.

Michigan vs. Notre Dame has intrigue? Both knocked off a BCS opponent in decent form. Winner this weekend will stay loser will go home.

LSU I Guess? I'm crediting LSU with a quality win for now. I don't know if I should because UNC was missing half their team. Regardless the way LSU played they won't be here long anyway.

The remainder of the poll is pretty much in line with my preseason poll. You play scrubs you don't move.

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