The All 2010 Fantasy MVP Team

Friday, October 08, 2010

With the 2010 fantasy baseball season finally over, it's time to look back at those folks on draft day that had an MVP like season. You drafted them late and they performed like superstars.

Catcher: Buster Posey (#17 Catcher, NR Overall), All of this picks with the exception of Buster Posey were mostly draft day bargains. For those of you whom were smart enough to draft Posey before the season starts and let him sit unused on your bench for months were eventually rewarded heavily. Posey finished ranked 3rd overall for all MLB catchers while playing in 2 less months. His numbers during this time frankly dwarf Joe Mauer's numbers for which you likely used a 1st round pick.

First Base: Joey Votto (#8 1B, #36 Overall), One would think that the biggest bargain for first baseman would have come later in the draft but alas Joey Votto was the biggest bargain. Ranked #8 for first baseman in the preseason, Votto put up Albert Pujols like numbers just 3 rounds later.

Second Base: Casey McGehee (#25 2B, #291 Overall), Casey McGheen played approximately the same amount of games at 2B as you or I this season, but thanks to last year he qualified there. As a result those whom drafted McGhee towards the end of their draft to fill out the middle infield spot got a bargain. The plump 3B eclipsed 20 HRs, 100 RBIs while posting a decent average.

Short Stop: Juan Uribe (#34 SS, NR Overall), Unless you were in a very deep league, you probably didn't draft Uribe. But if you did you had to be genuinely surprised and pretty ecstatic about his production. Sure the average wasn't stellar but the 23 HRs from a guy who was eligible at 2B, SS and 3B were very very helpful.

Third Base: Jose Bautista (#45 3B, NR Overall), If you drafted Jose Bautista then god bless you. If you were quick to the waiver wire when he was hitting home runs than god bless you again. If you were overly skeptical and missed the boat on Bautista (looking at myself) than you watched in amazement as the man obliterated the competition when it came to home run champ. His other numbers weren't too shabby either, and chances are if you did in fact pick up Bautista than you had a solid fantasy season.

Outfield: Carlos Gonzalez (#38 OF, #120 Overall), In a typical season it's not that difficult to predict who is going to wind up being the #1 overall ranked fantasy player at the end of the season. It's almost always someone who is drafted in the first round and in the past decade the names have for the most part been either Pujols or A-Rod. Well this year CarGo came out of the double digit rounds to emerge as the #1 Fantasy Baseball player of 2010. He provided studly outputs in all 5 categories and likely led many a team (2 of mine) to fantasy titles. I heart CarGo so much I'm getting a CarGo shirt.

Outfield: Delmon Young (#84 OF, NR Overall), Up until 2010 Delmon Young was all hype and little pop. His play was so inconsistent that in 2009 he often split time with Carlos Gomez and only found his way on the field for 108 games. This resulted in the 2010 draft where you could have potentially picked him up in the last round or off the waiver wire. If you did you got nearly a .300 average with 112 rbis and a decent HR total from your 5th outfielder.

Outfield: Luke Scott (#91 OF, NR Overall), Luke Scott has typically been a player that seemingly will get RED HOT for two weeks and they go back to doing absolutely nothing. Well this season Scott provided a consistent and highly productive output, especially the 2nd half of the season. Chances are you didn't draft Scott or keep with him through all the injuries, but if you picked him up at the break, he would have provided you with 15 homers and 42 rbis in the 2nd half while hitting .295.

Starting Pitcher #1: David Price (#38 SP, #163 Overall), Everyone had huge hopes for David Price last season, his first year as a full time starter, and he underwhelmed. Thus coming into this season the expectations were only so-so. Instead of being So-So, David Price is likely going to finish in the top 3 in the AL Cy Young voting.

Starting Pitcher #2: CJ Wilson (#70 RP, NR Overall), CJ Wilson's transition to the starting rotation brought some buzz in spring training but not much . Come draft day, a few of you likely took a flier on Wilson in your last round. As a result you were rewarded with 15 wins and ERA of 3.35 and 170 Ks.

Starting Pitcher #3: Gio Gonzalez (#199 SP, NR Overall), Starting Pitcher #4: Trevor Cahill (#77 SP, #298 Overall), We'll lump together the two Oakland A's pitchers who weren't expected to do much in 2010. The A's youth movement pitching staff was still supposed to be a work in progress in 2010. Only Brett Anderson had large expectations. Gonzalez and Cahill were coming off not so solid 2009 seasons and were just sort of an after thought in the fantasy world. Instead of being an after thought, both turned out to be huge assets. Cahill provided 18 wins and an incredible WHIP of 1.11 and ERA of 2.97. Gonzalez's splits and wins were slightly worse (1.31, 3.23) but he also came through with 171 Ks and 15 Ws.

Starting Pitcher #5: Brett Myers (#78 SP, NR Overall), Personally I thought Brett Myers was about done. He had back to back seasons in Philly which were very subpar and as a result the Astros signed him for cheap. In 2010 however Myers turned in the best season of his career, posting a 3.14 ERA in 223 innings with 180 Ks.

Closer: Neftali Feliz (#33 RP, #245 Overall), Sometimes it really pays off to draft a stud young set up man at the tail end of the draft. It really pays off when that stud wins the closer job within the first two weeks of the season and closes the entire year.

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