Completely Useless 10-11 NHL Season Predictions

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Not to brag or anything but I nailed the Stanley Cup finals last year both in its participants and winners. Pure genius on my part, take that hockey analysts.

Since I'm quite obviously better at predicting things I know very little about as opposed to sports I pay attention to, perhaps you should take heed and remember these predictions come June... Or not. Your choice.

NHL West Standings

West Conference Finals

Chicago Blackhawks over Vancouver Canucks -The Blackhawks bring back their two studs and that's enough for me to think they can get through the tough Western Conference for the second straight season.

NHL East Standings

East Conference Finals

Washington Capitals over Pittsburgh Penguins -It's time for Ovechkin to put up or shut up and time for him to knock off his nemesis. If the Capitals can't get it done this year then the window might be closing.

Stanley Cup Finals

Washington Capitals over Chicago Blackhawks
It's incredibly difficult to repeat as champions and the Capitals need to get on the board to justify the praise which is heaped down upon them in the regular season and quickly stripped in the postseason when they disappoint.

NHL Awards

There's way too many awards in the NHL, so obviously I'm not going to do them all...

Adams - Gordon Bombay, is their any doubt he's going to be the best coach in the league, give me an f'n break. (Perennial Pick)

Calder - Subban is black Canadian, he wins.

Hart - Who's got Hart? The one female in the NHL of course. Sydney Crosby. (Perennial Pick)

Norris - Chuck Norris or Zdeno Chara, whichever plays more hockey this year.

Pearson - Alexander Ovechkin, he scores a lot.

Lady Byng - Sean Avery, cause honoring him with a sportsmanship award would be hilarious. (Perennial Pick)

Vezina - Henrik Lundquist es un swedish pimp from Club Vandersexxx. (Perennial Pick until he wins)

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