Google Search Venns: Brady, Manning & Favre

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time for some fun with google search and Venn Diagrams. Let us see what three extremely successful quarterbacks have in common when you type in "Quarterback A is" with a google search.

Seems like people either think Tom Brady is a Super Sexy God or a Douche as seen by both Douche and Douchebag being present.

People are enamored by Brett Favre being old and retiring. I was hoping that one of them would be "is a creepy old man that sends penis photos to girls young enough to be his child" but it didn't quite make the cut.

Apparently people are really interested in whether or not Peyton Manning is married which is odd to me because I don't see how anyone could find this attractive.

So what do all three QBs have in common according to Googles most popular searches.... They are all both a Douche and a Jerk.

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