Terrelle Pryor Made the Right Choice

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Terrelle Pryor should have chose Michigan. I've seen this thought bandied about multiple times over the past few seasons. The thought process goes like so: Michigan's offensive schemes are more aggressive and better suited to Pryor. At Michigan, Pryor would likely put up better numbers and be a more dynamic player. The thought process states that Michigan would be a better team with Pryor and that Ohio State would be a better team with a more prototype quarterback. As a result the conclusion is that Pryor made the wrong choice. This conclusion is completely bunk.

As a Michigan fan I was eagerly awaiting "The Decision 08" hoping that Pryor would choose the Maize and Blue and lead the university as quarterback for four seasons. When he made his choice I was annoyed A) Because he didn't choose the Wolverines and B) Because he chose the blond with herpes.

Looking back 2 1/2 seasons later, it's obvious that he made the right decision. Why? Winning. There are different focus points for elite high school players to focus on when going to college. If Pryor had chosen Michigan his reasoning would have been mostly the thought process of "I will start right away and will have better numbers in this system and maybe make myself more appealing to NFL scouts". In 2008 Pryor's thought process instead was likely "Ohio State has a better chance of winning a national championship and winning period." That thought process was 100% correct.

In the three years Pryor has been at Ohio State, the Buckeyes have been vastly superior to Michigan in almost every way. Yes, the Wolverines offense seems more dynamic then the Buckeyes offense this season, but that's where the Wolverines advantages end. Michigan has gone back to back seasons without making a bowl game. Meanwhile Pryor has played in the Fiesta Bowl and the Rose Bowl. He has not played in the National Title Game nor will he this year, but isn't two BCS bowl games (with a chance at a third) a pretty solid college career? Isn't winning an important part of your college career?

If Pryor was at Michigan instead of tOSU, the Wolverines may or may not be better right now but one thing is for certain, their defense would still suck. As we've seen this and last season the Wolverines will put up points but they will give them up in bunches. Would Pryor be better than Denard was this season or Tate was against Iowa? I have no idea. What I do know is that the Wolverines have lost 18 games the past 2.5 seasons while the Buckeyes have lost 6. Seems like a pretty sound decision if you ask me.

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