Blogpoll Week 7

Monday, October 11, 2010

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

As Coach Spurrier said it "Fellas, if fate means for us to win this game Saturday then let's give it a chance. Let's give fate a chance to happen", fate (or 3 straight SEC Ranked opponents) was on the Gamecocks side. Now with the defending champed knocked off their perch, the top two spots are wide open. The AP and Coaches poll consensus says Ohio State to which I say "Why?". I know everyone thinks Ohio State is great, I do as well, but outside Miami (who just got throttled) their schedule is pretty meh. So meh I debated keeping them below Alabama but Illinois' win over PSU was just enough to help me keep them there. Now let me answer theoretical questions:

How do you handle a 1 loss Alabama?
Honestly, I have no idea. I really had no clue where to rank them but I felt obligated to drop them below South Carolina and felt obligated to move up Auburn a little bit in my head due to the A>B>C theory that doesn't mean anything in reality.

Why is Oklahoma #1?
Oklahoma is #1 for a series of reasons. The biggest reason is Florida State. Oklahoma knocked the piss out of FSU and FSU is proving themselves to be an elite team in the ACC. Other reasons include decent road win at Cincy, beating a ranked Air Force and beating their key rival Texas.

Why is LSU #3?
LSU probably should have lost at Tennessee. LSU kind of got lucky with UNC's suspensions. LSU wins games by no more than 3 points. LSU HAS PLAYED ZERO CUPCAKES (McNeese St. this week erases that). LSU is 6-0 with wins against 4 SEC teams, an ACC team and a Big East team. Schedule is legit and wins are wins no matter the style points.

Why is Nebraska so low?
Nebraska is awesome, I think. But their competition thus far has been very very poor. Frankly I probably should have them below Mizzou and Okie St. but we'll leave them there for now. They will move up in the rankings when they start beating down the Big 12 North on their farewell tour.

Where is Wisconsin?
Arizona St. is their best win and they are a 3-3 Pac 10 team. Wake me when Wisconsin wins a few games in the Big 10.

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