Completely Useless 09-10 NHL Predictions

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Here are the wonderful predictions from someone who may watch 5 regular season hockey games this year. Now with new and improved records so I can better evaluate just how wrong I was.

NHL West Standings

West Conference Finals

Chicago Blackhawks over San Jose Sharks -
The Sharks will once again be amongst the best teams in the NHL regular season and will once again disappoint massively in the postseason. The Blackhawks are your Western Conference Champs.

NHL East Standings

East Conference Finals

Philadelphia Flyers over Pittsburgh Penguins -
Hey look its a battle of Pennsylvania. I can't pick Sydney Crosby to win because I think he plays like a little whiny prick. So we're going CheeseSteaks and Hockey.

Stanley Cup Finals

Chicago Blackhawks over Philadelphia Flyers
The Blackhawks haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1961 so the Cubs aren't the only tortured fan base in Chicago. The Flyers themselves haven't won a title since 1975 so their in a bit of a slump. In the end it's time for Cubs fans to be alone in their misery. The Blackhawks are your 2010 Stanley Cup Champions.

NHL Awards

There's way too many awards in the NHL, so obviously I'm not going to do them all...

Adams - Gordon Bombay, is their any doubt he's going to be the best coach in the league, give me an f'n break. (Perennial Pick)

Calder - The Hedman will blow other rookies away.

Hart - Who's got Hart? The one female in the NHL of course. Sydney Crosby. (Perennial Pick)

Norris - Chuck Norris or Zdeno Chara, whichever plays more hockey this year.

Pearson - Alexander Ovechkin, he scores a lot.

Lady Byng - Sean Avery, cause honoring him with a sportsmanship award would be hilarious.

Vezina - Henrik Lundquist es un swedish pimp from Club Vandersexxx. (Perennial Pick until he wins)

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