Week 6 NFL Pick Suggestions

Friday, October 16, 2009

Well, another 2-3 week by the books and we're hoping for "Great Success" this weekend. I'm not quite sure I'm in love with 5 games this week, which probably means I will do better than normal.

1. New England Patriots (-9 1/2) vs. Tennessee Titans
Tom Brady has looked closer to 08 Trent Edwards than 07 Tom Brady, hence why the Patriots have 2 losses. The Titans are already in shut down our season is over mode and its about time Brady has a huge game and hooks up with Moss multiple times.

2. San Diego Chargers (-4 1/2) vs. Denver Broncos
Stupid f'n Broncos kill me every week. You know what, screw 'em. I'm picking against them a gain.

3. Seattle Seahawks (-2 1/2) vs. Arizona Cardinals
Seahawks - Hasselbeck = Bad. Seahawks + Hasselbeck = Good. Seahawks + Hasselbeck + Qwest Field = Really Good. So on that equation we're taking the Seahawks over the defending NFC Champs.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (+6.5) at Washington Redskins
The Redskins beat the Rams by 2 points. Why in the world would they be favored by a touchdown? This spread is begging you to take the Chiefs and I shall listen.

5. Buffalo Bills (+9 1/2) at New York Jets
I think the Jets bounce back and win this game at home, but I don't like the 9.5 points they are getting. I understand the Bills just lost at home to a team that completed 2 passes, but the Jets always have relative struggles against the Bills and 9.5 points is way way way too many. The Jets are gonna win this by a td or less. (The Glass is Half Empty Remember?)

Survivor Pick of the Week: Steelers
I'd be more comfortable if the Steelers still had Troy back but the Browns do suck. I'm not picking the Packers because their tackles give up 12 sacks a game and the Lions have offensive fire power. I would pick the Eagles again but I can't.

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