Taking a Look at the 13 Remaining Unbeatens

Thursday, October 08, 2009

You're a 1 Loss team who still has aspirations for a national title. You need the undefeateds to lose. So who

Yum, All We've Played are Cupcakes

Texas (4-0)

Oh look it's Texas and their cupcake 1st month of meaningless football games. They still have to go through the Big 12, but they'll get a rusty Sam Bradford in the Red River Shoot Out, and Mizzou and Kansas are likely just ranked because they haven't played anybody good. Texas has the best chance in the country to remain unbeaten.
Games Played: Louisiana-Monroe, @ Wyoming, Texas Tech, UTEP
Challenges Remaining: vs. No. 19 Oklahoma, @ No. 24 Missouri, @ No. 15 Oklahoma State, No. 16 Kansas

Missouri (4-0)

The win over Illinois looked good, until you realize now that they are terrible. The next three weeks brings Nebraska, Okie St. and Texas. There's zero chance they get through that stretch undefeated.
Games Played: vs. Illinois, Bowling Green, Furman, @ Nevada
Challenges Remaining: No. 21 Nebraska, @ No. 15 Oklahoma State, No. 2 Texas, vs. No. 16 Kansas

Kansas (4-0)

Look at Mangino, that's a man that loves cupcakes. Unlike Mizzou they get both Oklahoma and Texas and likely they'll get Oklahoma plus Bradford. Chalk those as losses.
Games Played: Northern Colorado, @ UTEP, Duke, Southern Miss
Challenges Remaining: No. 19 Oklahoma, No. 21 Nebraska, @ No. 2 Texas, vs. No. 24 Missouri

We've Played At Least 1 Legit Team

Wisconsin (5-0)

The Badgers have won by 1 score or less in four of their five football games. This includes an overtime win over a 1 win Fresno team and an 8-point win over Northern Illinois. This team will meet a loss this week against Ohio State and a possibly the following week against Iowa.
Games Played: Northern Illinois, Fresno State, Wofford, Michigan State, @ Minnesota
Challenges Remaining: @ No. 9 Ohio State, No. 12 Iowa, Michigan

Iowa (5-0)

Iowa has the solid victories over Arizona and Penn St. to put the feather in their caps but they also just snuck by both Arkansas St. and Northern Iowa. This team can lose to everybody, and they will lost to a Big Ten team in surprising fashion.
Games Played: Northern Iowa, @ Iowa State, Arizona, @ No. 5 Penn State, Arkansas State
Challenges Remaining: Michigan, @ Wisconsin, @ No. 9 Ohio State

Cincinnati (5-0)

Games Played: @ Rutgers, Southeast Missouri State, @ Oregon State, Fresno State, @ Miami (OH)
Challenges Remaining: @ No. 23 South Florida, West Virginia, @ Pittsburgh

South Florida (5-0)

Games Played: Wofford, @ Western Kentucky, Charleston Southern, @ No. 18 Florida State, @ Syracuse
Challenges Remaining: No. 8 Cincinnati, @ Pittsburgh, West Virginia, @ Rutgers, No. 11 Miami (FL)

Boise State (5-0)

It's time for Boise to leave the WAC, it's a joke.
Games Played: No. 16 Oregon, Miami (OH), @ Fresno State, @ Bowling Green, UC Davis
Challenges Remaining: None

TCU (4-0)

The Horned Frogs have 2 more games left in their relatively easy schedule. If they run the table they will get a BCS Bowl brith but not the title game.
Games Played: @ Virginia, Texas State, @ Clemson, Southern Methodist
Challenges Remaining: @ No. 18 Brigham Young, Utah

We're in the SEC, Everyone Loses

Florida (4-0)

The biggest challenge the Gators have remaining is this weeks trip to the Bayou, outside of that they will be a heavy heavy favorite in the rest of their games. The issue with this week is timing. If Tebow is out or not right than they just might lose.
Games Played: Charleston Southern, Troy, Tennessee, @ Kentucky
Challenges Remaining: @ No. 4 LSU, vs. Georgia, @ No. 25 South Carolina, Florida State

LSU (5-0)

Do they luck into a Tebow-less Florida? Even so, can they beat them without him. Than can they beat the boys from across the Mississippi? The upcoming battles are mighty.
Games Played: @ Washington, Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Lafayette, @ Mississippi State, @ No. 18 Georgia
Challenges Remaining: No. 1 Florida, No. 17 Auburn, @ No. 3 Alabama, @ No. 20 Mississippi

Alabama (5-0)

Bama has a lot on their plate to run the table in the SEC but if they can get past Ole Miss this weekend their remaining difficult games are at home. A 1 loss SEC Champ will still likely get into the BCS Title game so one stumble might not crush their dreams.
Games Played: vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech, Florida International, North Texas, Arkansas, @ Kentucky
Challenges Remaining: @ No. 20 Mississippi, No. 25 South Carolina, No. 4 LSU, @ No. 17 Auburn

Auburn (5-0)

Who knew Gene Chizik was going to bring it this year? The SEC West is loaded though so it might be doubtful that anybody goes through unscathed, but can you imagine and undefeated Iron Bowl battle?
Games Played: Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Ball State, @ Tennessee
Challenges Remaining: @ No. 4 LSU, No. 20 Mississippi, No. 3 Alabama

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