Week 5 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, October 05, 2009

1. Ya boy, I get to make me some bacon and eggs now.
2. The skillet even comes pre-rusted to help increase the rapid growth of cancer cells.
3. I bet you can't guess who plays for this Iron Skillet trophy.

1. Any guess who is upside down in this photo?
2. Golden Tate tried out the helicopter move, it was not effective.
3. Is Notre Dame winning at the last minute week after week getting old or is it just me?

1. Who smoke bombed the Miami locker room?
2. Sometimes I find it funny how the mascot of the Hurricanes is a bird that would most certainly die during a hurricane.
3. Now Randy Shannon on the other hand is made of pure titanium and is an immovable object.

1. Ooh it's Paul Bunyan's Axe, I would expect it to be slightly larger.
2. And now Wisconsin is ranked, isn't that just thrilling.
3. Minnesota plays in 4 trophy games per year, they have 4 empty trophy cases.

1. And now its time for Paul Bunyan's trophy. Paul is a very popular guy.
2. It's the we have 2 wins this year trophy.
3. This whole losing to Michigan State thing is annoying.

1. Ken Norton Jr. says "If you don't make that tackle, I'm going to rip out your throat and spit in it."
2. Ken Norton Jr. says "Jahvid if I tackled you your spine would be severed in half."
3. Ken Norton Jr. says "Sweep the leg."

1. Smooches Time!!!!
2. Houston < Texas
3. Last time UTEP beat a ranked opponent? 1921

1. It's a FUPA Belt, patented by FUPAS Inc.
2. It makes him look so slender.
3. When he looks down do you think he can actually find his....

1. The Cheerleaders thought they could hit the scoreboard, they came up a big short.
2. She likely should be holding a sign that reads SEC > Big 12
3. I think the scoreboard becomes more obnoxious each week.

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