Blogpoll Roundtable Week 6

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This weeks Blogpoll Roundtable Questions are Brought to You by Barking Carnival a nice little LongHorn blog, so they're a bit focused on the Red River Shootout.

1. How does this year’s Texas/OU game define Mack Brown’s legacy?

Isn't Mack Brown's legacy already set as a BCS whiner / National Champion. A win this weekend will just continue the recent trend of "We beat OU a lot". If he can run the table and get to the championship game that's when he might be able to improve the legacy of "Solid coach, gets lots of wins, Vince Young won a National Title for him / bitches a lot".

2. Who neeeds to win a big game more: Bob Stoops, Jim Tressel, or Mark Richt?

Mark Richt desperately needs a big win. Stoops and Tressel both have National Title Wins and multiple National Title appearances. Meanwhile Richt perennially has talent and continually fails to reach the peak. Now with a 3-3 record his ass just might be getting hot.

3. Pick the game that glistens like no other on your remaining schedule. Why does it shine for thee? What portent does it hold at the seat of your BCS or Brut Sun Bowl altar?

Everyone wants to beat Notre Dame right? UConn faces them November 21st in Touchdown Jesus land, it would be nice if the Huskies knock off the FUPA.

4. Big upsets are hard to predict. Riddle us yours for the month of October.

Iowa is going to lose to someone not good. They might lose this week to Wisconsin in which anything after would be deemed not that big of an upset, but lets say they road warrior it at Wisconsin and Mich St., I say they find a way to lose at home to the Hoosiers on Halloween.

5. Assuming Bama & Florida face off in the SEC Championship game and the supremacy of their defenses continues to shroud their offenses in a cloak of 13-10 wizardry, and no other team seems quite as worthy by comparison (this is the SEC after all), should they get a chance to play again in January for a national championship? If not, what undefeated or 1-loss team would have the best positioning?

I think the year Michigan lost to Ohio State on the road when everyone had them as #2 until flip flopping Florida over them after the SEC title game proved people don't really want rematches. The fact that Bama and Florida would already be on a neutral field makes me say the voters will opt for something else. Be it 1 loss or undefeated Big 12 champ or 1 loss USC.

And onto their joke questions...

Why does Bob Stoops care so much about the health and well-being of his players? And when did he stop caring about winning?

He suffered a mild concussion while handling a bag of dicks?

In which of the next four years does Matt Barkley not win the Heisman?

Well he will be playing for (insert horrible NFL franchise here) in 2012 so that year.

Is there a scenario where Florida and Alabama are the only two ranked teams at the end of the season?

No, because Mack Brown will always vote for himself.

Why wasn’t Tim Tebow eligible for The Nobel Prize?

He was. He graciously declined the award saying he's going to wait until 2015 when he cures Cancer, AIDs and Diabetes.

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