Which Was the Worse Steve Phillips Decision, Hundley or Vaughn?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm not usually turning this page into a gossip column parading about peoples personal lives and their affairs and divorces, but it is Steve Phillips. So... which Steve Phillips decision was worse his affair with Brooke Hundley or Signing Mo Vaughn?

Signing Mo Vaughn - Mo Vaughn was fat old and coming off a season in which he didn't play single game due to injuries as a result of being fat and old. So Steve Phillips naturally decided to trade Kevin Appier for him and inherit a contract more bloated than Mo himself.

The end results
1. The Mets sucked.
2. The Mets lost a lot, a lot, a lot of money.
3. Steve Phillips was fired and never to be hired again as an MLB GM.

Affair with Hundley - The affair with Hundley is a bad decision for a multitude of reasons. First off he's old, she's not. Second off, she's not exactly Brooklyn Decker. Finally, she was quite obviously psychotic.

The end results
1) Mr. Phillips is a married man and this affair has obviously obliterated his marriage and his family.
2) He's at the very least suspended by ESPN and with the media attention just might find himself fired again.ha
3) Millions of People will see these pictures and think, what the f*ck was he thinking?

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Phillips also traded Hundley (Todd) to the Dodgers in 98 for Roger Cedeno and Charles Johnson

tmags said...
2:33 PM  

Perhaps this was a form of Hundley revenge... Todd might have been a better catch.

Simon said...
2:37 PM  

Yea at least Todd was a switch hitter

tmags said...
6:24 PM  

I wouldn't necessarily say 100% that Todd was the only switch hitting Hundley

Simon said...
8:19 AM  

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