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Friday, October 09, 2009

This years NFL Picks are brought to you by SportsIntensity your place for live NFL betting lines.

A little bounce back last week, hopefully this week is a full fledge jump in the right direction.

1. New England Patriots (-3 1/2) at Denver Broncos
I'm sorry but I shall continue to not believe in the Broncos and pick against them because I do not believe in any team where Kyle Orton is an essential piece. Thus I pick the Patriots to win by 4+ despite traveling to Denver.

2. Minnesota Vikings (-10 1/2) at St. Louis Rams
The Rams just lost 35-0 to a team that lost the prior week to the Vikings. Now I know the Degrees of Loss Separation aren't full proof (or even 50%), but the Vikings should beat the Rams by at least 17. And it should't be a question.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (+ 1/2) at Seattle Seahawks
Matt Hasselbeck is questionable for the game. If he plays, the game will be close. If he does not, the Jags should be able to score at will against the banged up Seahawks and at the same time hold Seneca to a few scrap 4th quarter tds.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (+8.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys
I didn't listen to my own advice last week, "The Cowboys are always overrated in the spread." Now the Chiefs do suck, they suck a lot. But have the Cowboys done anything this season to say "Touchdown plus Road Favorites"? No.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (-10 1/2) at Detroit Lions
The Steelers are still without Troy, which means the Lions will likely score their share of points. The problem is the Steelers should score at will, much like the Bears did last week.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Eagles
There are so many options to choose from each week. Whomever plays the Rams. Whomever plays the Raiders. Womever plays the Cheifs. Whomever plays the Bucs. We're going with the Eagles. They're going to win easily.

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