Afternoon Playoff Games Are Annoying

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Fox & TBS,

This just in, Baseball Playoff games actually can be played at the same time. I can't quite remember just when this policy began but it sure is annoying. I guarantee 90+ percent of Yankee and Angel fans are annoyed at the start time of this game. Instead of being able to go home, relax, and watch a baseball game at its normal hour (7:05) the game will be nearing its conclusion. All because Major League Baseball and its networks refuse to show games with any planned overlap.

Say you're a typical worker in the Northeast working a 9-5 job and have a typical NYC commute time (30 minutes), you've now just missed the first 4 innings of the game. Now if you throw in things like, pick up kids, make dinner, etc. you might just miss innings 1-7.

And obviously it's only that much worse if you're an Angel fan. The game starts at 1:13, if you want to watch the game than you're going to have to take the day off. So the people that can't take a day off from work, can't watch a second of the game.

I understand the desire of Bud Selig and baseball execs to try to put Playoff games on at a time when kids can watch. Baseball is a sport that is in general losing percentages of fanbase after each generation dies. So I get them wanting to not have baseball games end at 1 am, but on a weekday? Seriously? Don't you actually want your fans to watch the game?

How about next year we implement a rule that no game will begin before 5:30? Sounds good? Great. Thanks Bud.


P.S. Can you tell me if this was FOX's idea so they could show a new episode of House tonight? If so, I can direct my anger towards them. Thanks again.

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