Ultimate UFL 2009 Season Prediction

Thursday, October 08, 2009

And by ultimate I mean, shortest ever. I have no idea who is on these teams. I basically know that they have some washed up former NFL coaches (Dennis Green, Jim Fassel, Ted Cottrell & Jim Haslett) and that they have some mediocre former backup NFL QBS (Losman, Quinn Gray, & Brooks Bollinger). I also know it starts tonight on vs. so here's the best UFL preview out there, or the worst, or the only one.

4th, California Redwood: They're coming in last because they are wearing uniforms similar to the Seattle Seahawks highlighter green from two weeks ago and their QB is Shane Boyd. I don't know who he is, so Dennis Green you're out.

3rd, Florida Tuskers: Brooks Bollinger is a very very very bad quarterback. And look at the teams in Florida in the NFL right now, they are a combined 3-9, football in Florida is only looking up in Gainesville.

2nd, New York Sentinels: They're playing at Citi field amongst other places. This means that their roster is going to be decimated by injuries.

1st, Las Vegas Locomotives: J.P. Losman & Vegas is a combination construed by god in heaven. Vegas takes the title.

I have a 25% shot, assuming the league actually finishes up the season so this prediction is likely more accurate than my NFL one.

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How bad is Bollinger? Come on Karnak, do some homework. Read something other than what you write.

azjet said...
11:22 PM  

I unfortunately needed to watch Brooks Bollinger quarterback the Jets in regular season games. He's not good. Hence why he is no longer even a 3rd string NFL Quarterback.

If you think he's good than you are either a family member, or a delusional Badger fan.

Simon said...
9:23 AM  

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