Who Should Bend, Crabtree or the Niners?

Friday, October 02, 2009

Three weeks gone by in the NFL season and it appears as if Michael Crabtree is getting further and further away from signing an NFL contract. The deadline to get a deal done is November 17th but currently his agent and Niner representatives have not spoken in a week and its apparent that these execs are not very happy with him. In addition the Niners are just one Brett Favre lucky pass away from being 3-0 so it can be said that they currently are not desperate for his services. So who should bend first? Who should give into the demands of the other?

Crabtree - You supposedly have claims that teams will pay you double what the Niners have offered, how do you know those are accurate? These teams are not supposed to be talking to your agent, and they can't actually guarantee you that you'll still be around for them to draft. In addition, shouldn't you want to be a playing NFL player? Do you like not playing and everyone calling you greedy?

Niners - This isn't the MLB. If you don't sign your draft pick you do not get a complimentary first round pick the next season. Instead you lose out, you lose out on what was supposed to be the most valuable piece of your offseason. Would you rather pay the extra money for someone you coveted or would you rather get nothing?

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Crabtree needs to realize he isn't worth anymore than the 49ers are offering. Yes most people including himself and myself thought he was the best receiver going into the draft. However, Al Davis drafted DHB before him and that's just the way it happens. Does he honestly believe he will go in the top five in the '10 draft?

cgb said...
12:43 PM  

I'm guessing someone is whispering in his ears Scott Boras' like nothings.

Boras gets his players to sit out a year and then finds a team that will give his clients the money they want.

Except A) Sometimes it doesn't work and B) Football is not baseball

Simon said...
1:03 PM  

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