Completely Biased and Contradictory 09-10 NBA Season Predictions

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The NBA Season has arrived so here is the biased and contradictory predictions.

NBA East

1. Cleveland Cavs, Central Champs - Lebron = Central Championship. Lebron = Best Record in the League.

2. Boston Celtics, Atlantic Champs - The Celtics need to keep KG, Ray Ray, Pierce, and Rasheed healthy all season. They aren't getting any younger.

3. Orlando Magic, Southeast Champs - I can't say I'm in love with the Vince Carter move, Hedo hit some very very clutch shots last season, but they shouldn't fall off too much.

4. Miami Heat - Dwyane Wade will get this team into the postseason on his back, but unless Jermaine O'Neal is a beast again, they will likely just get there and be a quick out.

5. Atlanta Hawks - If only the Hawks had drafted Chris Paul or Deron Williams.

6. Washington Wizards - Agent Zero is back which means the Wizards are bound to lose to the Cavs in the playoffs.

7. Detroit Pistons - The retooled Pistons will likely just sneak into the playoffs.

8. Philadelphia 76ers - The Sixers were better without Brand last year, what about this year?

9. Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose out of the playoffs? Perhaps.

10. New York Knicks - Knicks making the playoffs is laughable, which is why Harrington guaranteeing their return trip makes him a comedian.

11. Indiana Pacers - It's Danny Granger and a bunch of white guys.

12. Charlotte Bobcats - Doesn't seem like this team will ever be good.

13. Toronto Raptors - Yay for overspending for Hedo and still having a mediocre team.

14. New Jersey Nets - No Russian Billionaire is going to be able to make the Nets any good this season.

15. Milwaukee Bucks - Quick name 2 bucks outside of Redd?

NBA West

1. LA Lakers, Pacific Champs - The Lakers are the NBA favorites for good reason, they are the defending champ and somehow added Ron Ron to their roster for Trevor Ariza.

2. San Antonio Spurs, Southwest Champs - The retooled Spurs will try to figure a way to keep Manu and Duncan fresh for the playoffs.

3. Denver Nuggets, Northwest Champs - Melo might be an MVP threat this season if he can replicate his 08-09 improvements.

4. Portland Trailblazers - Brand Roy is a beast and if they can get Andre Miller to shut up and be a team player they might be able to stun a few people in the playoffs.

5. Dallas Mavericks - Dirk's hair is fantastic.

6. New Orleans Hornets - Emeka Okafor, if healthy, should be able to replicate if not improve upon what Tyson Chandler gave the Hornets.

7. Utah Jazz - The Jazz didn't take the steps I thought they were going to take last year and now Kirilenko appears to be on the downswing.

8. Phoenix Suns - The Suns will battle to hold onto the last playoff spot this season, but Nash will still find a way.

9. Houston Rockets - No Yao = No Playoffs.

10. Golden St. Warriors - The Warriors have been a Soap Opera the entire offseason, and they still won't play a lick of defense all year.

11. LA Clippers - Woo Blake Griffin is out 6 weeks. Being a Clipper fan must be so much fun!

12. Minnesota Timberwolves - Al Jefferson is already nursing an injury and this is after the T-Wolves botched the NBA draft.

13. Memphis Grizzlies - SO AI and OJ is going to work how?

14. Seattle Supersonics OKC Thunder - Kevin Durant is fun but this team has a long way to go.

15. Sacramento Kings - Quick name three kings? You can't.

Eastern Conference Champs: Cleveland Cavaliers

Shaq may be old, but he still is a huge asset, emphasis on huge. Lebron is not going to be denied this season. He's going to score 40+ in the Eastern Conference playoff run and the Cavs will slide by the Celtics in the Conference finals.

Western Conference Champs: San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs and Lakers will line up for an epic series in the Western Conference finals but this time it will be the Spurs who get it done. RJ will be forced to hang with Kobe all day and all night while Ron Ron and Lamar Odom will likely fight with each other over who is more aloof.

World Champs: San Antonio Spurs

With the addition of Richard Jefferson and some added muscle with DeJuan Blair coming off the bench the Spurs will give Tim Duncan his final hurrah. It will be annoying because they are incredibly boring to watch and I think we can all rally around hating Tony Parker, but they will get it done in the finals over the Shaqzilla.

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