Week 8 NFL Pick Suggestions

Friday, October 30, 2009

The first 4-1 week of the year came last week so why not improve it to 5-0 this week.

1. Denver Broncos (+3 1/2) at Baltimore Ravens
I've lost on the Broncos I think every week this season, so we're changing gears, the Broncos are great all hail the Broncos. They are being disresepected, give them 3 1/2 points? They won't need it they will win by 1.

2. Detroit Lions (-3 1/2) vs. St. Louis Rams
The Lions are favored in a football game, the world is about to melt into its core. It actually does make sense though, they are at home and the Rams are that bad.

3. Minnesota Vikings (+3 1/2) at Green Bay Packers
Simply put the last time these two teams played it was evident that the Vikings were the better team. The Vikings offense was able to move the ball behind Brett Favre and Jared Allen was able to knock Rodgers on his ass at will. I don't see how a change a of scenery has given the Vikings 3 points.

4. Cleveland Browns (+13.5) at Chicago Bears
The Browns are terrible, but its not as if the Bears are blowing teams away on a week to week basis. Last weekend the Bears were disgraced, so I'm banking on the Mangini keeping this game within two touchdowns.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (+2 1/2) at Tennessee Titans
I'm not really in love with a 5th pick this week, but in the end I shall go with the Jaguars because the Titans have simply given up this season. Their defense doesn't look like it cares and now the owner is making Quarterback decisions. Wee.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Chargers
The Raiders have beaten the Eagles this season so I guess this is not a lock, but if the Raiders play anything like they did last week they'll lose by 40.

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