The Marlins Are The Grim Reaper Of Your Playoff Hope

Thursday, October 01, 2009

In 2010 if I was a National League Franchise with aspiring playoff hopes there would be one single team I would want to avoid in the last week of September, the Florida Marlins. In the past three seasons the Marlins have found themselves out of the postseason race with but one motivating factor, to revel in the creation of misery for others. And they have done so for three straight years.

2007 The New York Mets Tied for the NL East

The Mets came into the series with the Marlins having already lost 4 in a row, so they were already in tailspin mode, but the Marlins made sure to issue the dagger. On Friday night the Marlins behind BK Kim of all people the Marlins knocked off the Mets in Shea to officially put them behind the Phillies for the first time basically all season. On Saturday the Mets seemingly woke up, they beat the Marlins 13-0 and with a Phillies loss went into the final game of the season tied for the NL East with one game to play and Tommy Glavine throwing against Logan Kensing. The game was over practically before it started. Glavine gave up a 7 spot in the first inning and the Marlins went on to shatter the Mets hopes and cap off one of the biggest collapses in regular season baseball history.

2008 The New York Mets Tied for the Wildcard, 1 Back in the NL East

In 2008 the Mets were just in a mild collapse rather than an epic collapse but once again the Marlins were their nemesis and the pattern remained the same. On Friday night the Marlins knocked off Mike Pelfrey and the Mets to put them 1 game behind the Brewers for the Wildcard and two games behind the Phillies for the division. On Saturday led by Johan the Mets were victorious 2-0 and once again moved into a tie for a playoff spot going into the last day of the season, in this case it was the wildcard as the Phillies won on Saturday as well to clinch the division. On the Marlins waited to break the hearts of the Mets. Tied 2-2 in the top of the 8th the Mets brought in fan favorite Scott Schoeneweis, he promptly gave up a solo home run to the first batter he faced and the Mets found themselves losing 4-2 and out of the playoffs as the Brewers lead by CC Sabathia's complete game clinched the wild card.

2009 The Atlanta Braves 2 1/2 Games Behind the Rockies

The Braves were the hottest team in Major League baseball headed into their home series with the Marlins. After knocking off the Marlins on monday to shrink the lead to just 2 games the Braves looked to have hope and they were riding a seven game winning streak so why wouldn't they have. They should have realized that these Marlins are dream smashers. On Tuesday night led by Josh Johnson and a tight rope walking bullpen the Marlins knocked off the Braves 5-4, placing the Braves 3 games behind the Rockies with just 5 to play. Finally last night the Marlins threw in the dagger. Led by the dominance of Ricky Nolasco and a game saving pickoff play on a wild pitch the Marlins once again knocked off the Braves 5-4, placing the Braves 4 games behind the Rockies with 4 games to play and no margin of error.

The Marlins bring their sickle just before October, if you want your head intact, do not invite them to your ballpark.

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