Perhaps Firing Your Coordinator in the Preseason is a Bad Idea

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This preseason there was an oddity, three NFL Offensive Coordinators were all dismissed. One would normally think that you would give a coach you hired at least a few games to prove whether or not they could be successful but nope three teams decided the preseason was enough to see that their offense wasn't growing. The Chiefs let go former Cowboys coach Chan Gailey. The Bucs fired Jeff Jagodzinski for his second firing in 2009. Finally the Bills fired their OC Turk Schonert. So five weeks into the season how have these teams performed?

Chiefs: 0-5, 30th Yards Per Game, 24th Points Per Game
Bucs: 0-5, 25th Yards Per Game, 29th Points Per Game
Bills: 1-4, 26th Yards Per Game, 26th Points Per Game

So either these offensive coordinators were so putrid that each team has yet to recover, or firing your offensive coordinator just days before the NFL season starts is a bad idea. I'm going to go with the latter.

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