The Green Kool-Aid is Poison

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Mark Sanchez,

Hi Mark, I know that you are a rookie quarterback. I know that before the season started I predicted that the team would be 3-3. I should be calm. I should have expected you to struggle. I should have expected you to make mistakes. I should have expected you to lose a football game here or there. But... umm....

How about you throw the god damn ball to people wearing GREEN Jerseys next week? You know people that are on your own team. That's usually how football works. Throw the ball to your own team instead of the other team and you have a chance to win. QB ratings of 8.3 ruin your team's chance to win even when you rush for 318 YARDS.


P.S. Next time you play like shit in front of Tony Soprano, you might want to check the bottom of your car to make sure there are no explosive devices there.

P.P.S. Lose to the Raiders next week and my next post is either "Put in Clemens" or "Just End The Season". Yes, I'm that pissed off.

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i can't believe i'm reading about sports :) LOL

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