2009 MLB Playoff Predictions

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

So we've done this once already, but of course not all the teams you predict to make the playoffs before the season starts actually make the playoffs. So I whiffed on three teams, the Mets, Cubs and the Indians and unfortunately I once again moronically picked the Mets to play in the World Series. So we're revamping the predictions.


Rockies vs. Phillies: The Rockies finished the end of the season in a flurry, but not quite at the pace they did two seasons ago when they knocked off the Phillies in the first round. Once again the pitching for both teams is questionable, but we're giving the edge to the Phillies and think they win the series in game 5.

Cardinals vs. Dodgers: The Cardinals have lined themselves up for this series with superior pitching. Between Wainwright and Carpenter the Cards have the two best pitchers throwing for either team. The Cards will wrap this series up in 4.

Twins vs. Yankees: Looking at this series logically, the Twins pitching staff is hands down worse than the Yankees. Their lineup is significantly worse than the Yankees. And their bullpen is probably just on par with the Yankees. I have tickets to game 5 of the series, but in all likelihood these tickets will never equate to anything, Yankees in 4.

Red Sox vs. Angels: The Red Sox own the Angels, they have for years now. I don't see any reason why this is going to change. Lackey still gets pounded by the Sox and the Sox win in 4.


Phillies vs. Cardinals: The Cardinals have the horses. They have the two best pitchers in this series but Cliff Lee and a resurgent Cole Hamels do now fall far behind. Both bullpens are a bit questionable, do you trust Ryan Franklin? Both lineups are solid at the top of the order and both can hit home runs in bunches. This series has all the markings of a classic, in the end we go Cards thanks to the slight edge in starting pitching.

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Ooh another Yankees Sox series. The season has been a tale of two halves. The Red Sox owned the first half and the Yankees owned the second half. Despite the Red Sox latest sweep in the Bronx, this will not be a short series. Bias and preseason prediction, plus the overall advantage the Yankees have in the lineup say Yankees in 7.

World Series

Yankees vs. Cardinals: The Yankees lineup depth will be too much for even Wainwright and Carpenter to handle and the Yankees will win the World Series in 6 games.

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