2009 MLB Playoff Predictions

Friday, April 03, 2009

Time to run down the playoff predictions which are almost certainly going to be terribly wrong.

Wild Card Matchups

NL East New York Mets vs. NL Central Chicago Cubs
The Cubs are an intriguing team this year. If ever they could keep Rich Harden healthy than they could be a dominant force in the postseason. But what are the odds of that? 20 to 1? Without Harden, the Cubs are just so so, thus the Mets move on.

NL Wildcard Philadelphia Phillies vs. NL West Los Angeles Dodgers
The Dodgers got dumped quickly in the NL Championship series last year, the tables will turn this year. Both rotations aren't very good. The Phillies have a better lineup but with another year of experience the Dodgers will step up to the plate.

AL West Los Angeles Angels vs. AL East New York Yankees
This would frighten me to no end. The Angels own the Yanks, and by October they should have Lackey and Santana healthy and potentially even Escobar. In the end even with those guys, the Yanks have a better rotation with CC, Burnett, Wang, and Andy or Joba.

AL Wildcard Boston Red Sox vs. AL Central Cleveland Indians
By October the Red Sox will have a rotation parralleled only by the Yankees. Throwing out a 4 spot of Beckett, Lester, Dice-K and Smoltz will be way too much for the Indians to match up with.

Championship Series

NL East New York Mets vs. NL West Los Angeles Dodgers
Johan potentially three times in a series filled in on the edges with Ollie P aka "I only pitch well in big spots", will be too much for the Dodgers to handle.

AL Wildcard Boston Red Sox vs. AL East New York Yankees
It'll be nice to get back to a Yankee Red Sox ALCS. The pitching matchups would be phenomenal. CC vs. Beckett. Burnett vs. Lester. Team Asia vs. Team Asia. Smoltz vs. Andy. We're going edge A-Rod.

World Series: Subway Series #2

Back to the Subway Series. Just like in 2000 the results will be the same. The Yanks shall take home the title thanks to superior pitching and a superior 1 through 9 lineup. A-Rod gets his World Series Trophy and can tell everyone to suck on a fat man part.

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AL East- Boston Red Sox
AL Central- Kansas City Royals
Al West- Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim
AL Wild Card- New York Yankees
NL East- Florida Marlins
NL Central- Chicago Cubs
NL West- Los Angeles Dodgers
NL Wild Card- New York Mets
Division Series
NYY over KC 3-2
They were losing 2-0 but came back Games 3,4,and 5.
BOS over LAA 3-1
Game 4 David Ortiz Homers To Win The Series.
NYM over CHC 3-0
David Wright, Gary Sheffield and the rest do best.
FLA over LAD 3-2
Marlins power wins the series.
Championship Series
NYY over BOS 4-2
In Game 6 Alex Rodriguez homers to go to his 1st World Series.
NYM over FLA 4-3
K-Rod Gets his power in Game 7.
World Series
NYY over NYM 4-3
20 innings in Game 7 Alex Rodriguez's Power brings Yankees To Worls Series Title. A big year for the New York Yankees.

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