Dumbest Stat of the Weekend: Mariano Has More Blown Saves Against the Sox Than Anyone Else

Monday, April 27, 2009

In a word, no shit. They pop up 12 career blown saves against the Sox on the screen and say that he's blown more saves against Boston than anybody else as if it's newsworthy. Who the hell did you think he was going to blow more saves against? The Royals? The Red Sox are consistently the best team the Yankees play year in and year out. They are the team they play more than anybody during the regular season. The vast majority of their games are close so when the Yankees are winning he gets plenty of save opportunities. In a world with plenty of 'No Shit' statistics, just chalk this one up as another.

Mariano in his long career has pitched against the Red Sox more than any team other than the Baltimore Orioles. He's had more save opportunities against the Red Sox than any other team other than the Orioles. He has more saves against the Sox than any team but the Orioles and Rays. He actually has 12 wins against the Sox which is more than against any other team.

If anything what would be noteworthy is the ratio of blown saves to saves. Mo has 44 saves against the Sox and 12 blown saves. That's obviously not a great total but not nearly as bad as his totals against the Angels. Against the Angels, he's saved just 17 games and blown 8 saves. But again this isn't groundbreaking news either. Mo has been worse against the better teams in baseball during his era. Umm, no shit.

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