2009 National League Award Show Predictions

Friday, April 03, 2009

Just a reminder that I did absolutely miserable with these predictions last year. But alas we shall predict err make an educated guess at these things.

MVP - Manny Ramirez, I was gonna go David Wright, but I'm changing it up and picking Manny. Did you know he's somehow never finished in the top 2 of the MVP voting? He finished in the top ten in 8 consecutive seasons but has never won the award nor got the runner up trohpy. If the Dodgers make the run to the playoffs that I expect, and Manny does anything similar to his performance last year, than he will be in the running.

Cy Young - Johan Santana, Johan + solid bullpen = Lots of Wins. If the bullpen didn't suck last year than Johan most likely would have taken home the award. This year with Putz and Krod in the pen I fully expect Johan to win 20 games with his typically awesome ratios.

Manager of the Year - Jerry Manual, Somehow getting the Mets to not collapse in September will be enough for the "Gangsta" to take home to award.

Rookie of the Year - Cameron Maybin, He's already up, he's gonna get lots of playing time, and he has athleticism to spare. Think Mike Cameron like numbers. Double digit homers. Double Digit steals. Solid run and rbi totals, lots of strikeouts and a mediocre average.

Comeback Player of the Year - Khalil Greene, He was god awful last year. He hit .213 and his homers dropped from 27 to 10. Now with a change of scenery and a spot at cleanup against lefties. No seriously Khalil Greene is going to be Pujols protetion. Tony LaRussa may be smoking a wee bit too much crack.

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