Mocking the 2009 NFL Draft

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To be completely honest, I don't care much about this years NFL draft. I doubt highly the Jets will trade up enough to get Sanchez and even more highly that Maclin could plummet all the way to 17. Other than those two guys I'm a little indefferent as to whom the Jets select. For this reason, all I'm doing is a simple mock draft.

Basically the Lions throw their franchise in Stafford's hands, the next few teams go conservative with lineman and Curry. Than Crabtree falls further to he should to the depths of Oakland. The Jaguars dreams come true and they trade out of the pick to somebody who drafts Sanchez. Maybe the Broncos. I get my hopes up that Maclin is falling and then some random team trades up to the Redskins and snatches him up. Then the rest of the draft is snooze fest.

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Hey Simon, nice post, I would trade up for Sanchez myself. This year’s draft order is one of the tougher to predict in recent years. After Stafford, it’s really up in the air who will go where. I made a list on my site to see what people think: You can vote on who you think will be drafted in what order and can add your own if you don’t see your pick there.

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