Introducing the Daniel Cabrera Watch

Friday, April 17, 2009

You may or may not have heard of Daniel Cabrera. If you haven't well first he's a baseball player, second he's a pitcher, and third he just might be the world's worst hitter. Daniel Cabrera pitched for the Oreo's from 2004 through last season so he didn't get many at bats, but in those at bats he performed. And by performed I mean struck out every single at bat. That's right coming into this year he was 14 for 14. Fourteen at bats, fourteen strikeouts. In the offseason he moved across the Metro area and is now in the Nationals rotation. Thus far he's started two games and has seen the plate three different times and he's kept the streak going, 3 more Ks. For his career he is now 17 for 17.

I guess to Cabrera's credit, he has gotten a hit in spring training which he was incredibly pumped about. Too bad that doesn't count.

Anywho, the Cabrera watch is going to be a short post tracking his at bats per post until he finally gets a hit. Then we shall embarrass the pitcher who gives up the hit.

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