The New Yankee Stadium is Embarrassing Itself

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last night I made my first ever trip to the New Yankee Stadium. It's massive it's grand and it's currently being horrendously embarrassed by the fact that they've priced their tickets in a range that nobody is buying and I mean nobody. I've highlighted three sections above all of which are at the worst seats at a given price range which you can see on the image at the bottom of the post. The most glaring hole is section 11 in the middle. This field level section AT MOST had TWO PEOPLE in it the entire game. Those two people were there from the third inning to the 7th inning. When I walked down to field level to get food, Section 29 which are essentially the same seats but on left field line HAD 3 PEOPLE IN THEM. Between two premium sections with a great view of the game there were FIVE PEOPLE. I felt like I was at a Pirates game.

The other two sections I highlighted were for the most part less than half full the entire game. Why? Because they are obviously overpriced. Section 215 by the first base line is a 125$ dollars a ticket per game pre-ordered or a 150$ per game if bought on game day. It was probably 3/4 empty the entire game. Section 103 in rightfield is 90$ a ticket for an over-glorified bleacher seat. It was at best 1/2 full. And I didn't even circle the luxury sweets which were already covered over the weekend by as being incredibly vacant.

Sure it was a misty night against a shitty team with an uninspiring pitching matchup. You can expect some seats to be empty for the game. Just when an entire section is empty for the entire game its EMBRARRASSING.

Here are my other thoughts on the stadium. Namely that everything is really really expensive.

Click on either image to see it in larger size. And unfortunately all I had was my Blackberry's camera so the quality is just eh.

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why you gotta rip on the Pirates, they have the same record as the yankmes...and the buccos pitching staff looks a lot better than the yankmes...

Anonymous said...
1:09 PM  

This is an interesting trend developing in this stadium and CITI. I noticed swaths of empty seats behind home plate when I tuned to a Mets game last week. Talk about 'not looking good on TV.' Up here in Boston, I really dislike Fenway Park. Seats and concourses are too cramped. For all its 'charm,' Fenway will need to be replaced with a new stadium in the 40,000-seat range that has the creature comforts that a high-priced ticket would validate. But the end of the 'luxury suite era' is coming at a good time for cities that still have plans on the drawing board. There is a sea-change going on with respect to sports ticket prices. The 'uber-rich' aren't uber rich any more. And if they are, they are voting with their feet and leaving cities and states that would like to happily confiscate their money.

Chris said...
4:04 PM  

Growing up and living in Rochester NY attending a major league game creates somewhat of a dilemma - where to go and not spend too much but still find an enjoyable experience for the family, etc. etc. This past weekend we went to visit our daughter in Cincinnati. I noticed the Pirates were playing at home and thought it would be a nice stopover. I was wrong. It was a great stopover. We sat in the general admission area - college kids and working stiffs like me. I was right at home. And I could see myself making the 4 and a half hour commute more than once a season. I posted a comparison of venues within my driving distance here:

Casey said...
12:15 PM  

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