2009 American League Award Show Predictions

Friday, April 03, 2009

MVP - Grady Sizemore, Sizemore's numbers last year were through the roof. 33 homers and 38 steals? Damn. The Indians unfortunately for him stunk, this year I've got the Indians taking home the division and if Sizemore throws up similar stats the award could be his.

Cy Young - CC Sabathia, Why not go chalk with the Cy Young? CC will get run support, he will be the Yankees horse, he won't have to compete with Tiny Tim or Johan, this award shall be his.

Manager of the Year - Trey Hillman, I've got the Royals finishing with a .500 record, if that ever happens than Hillman wins the award with ease.

Rookie of the Year - David Price, The AL rookie of the year will pretty much be determined by whom gets called up quicker between Price and Matt Weiters. My guess is that Price is up in the first week of may and utterly dominates.

Comeback Player of the Year - Brad Penny, He'll fit in just fine with the Red Sox after an injury plagued 2008. If he wins say 13-15 games the Red Sox will be in great shape for a postseason run.

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