The Struggling Fantasy Stars of April

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's just two weeks into your fantasy season and you're in dead last kicking yourself over how you didn't pick up Ian Kinsler in the second round when you knew he was going to be a stud. Instead you picked up Jimmy Rollins and his .150average. Let's take a look at some of the superstars that are pulling out the hair of their fantasy owners, hint many of them reside on my team.

POWER JEW aka Ryan Braun - Came into the year with a Yahoo rank of 7 and like many of the Brew Crew is maligned in a power and contact outage. After 2 weeks POWER JEW has scored just 3 runs, hit one homer and is batting just .222.

Prince Fielder - Seriously someone get him a fat juicy steak. Enough with this vegetarian garbage. You're a large man, act like it. And start hitting homers again. Just 1 homer and a .175 average and like Braun just 3 runs scored through 2 weeks.

Jimmy Rollins* - Typically a slow starter but this is ridiculous. J-Roll isn't hitting at all. Through 2 weeks he's hitting in the .100s, has 1 home run, and worst of all isn't even running as he hasn't stolen a base yet. Guess that's what happens when you get 7 hits in two weeks.

Matt Holliday - Worried about his move from Coors to Oakland, but you just couldn't shy away from all that track record. Now after two weeks, no homers, no steals and only 1 run scored you're very very frightened.

Alexei Ramirez - 20/20 as second base and shortstop eligible? Sign me up. Except for the fact that after 2 weeks he has neither a steal nor a homer and only has 5 hits. Ouch.

Brandon Phillips - Locking up that second baseman with the fourth best option out their behind Kinsler, Utley and Pedroia and you thought you were solid. He hits in a great park, with some young stud as protection, and now after two weeks that's got you 6 hits and a homer and steal.

Russell Martin - You couldn't quite make up your mind who was the number 1 catcher between McCann or Martin but you pulled the trigger on Martin. You were excited to take Martin's 20/20 potential. Through 2 weeks you've gotten a .244 with no power or speed. Uh oh.

Brian McCann* - You drafted him right after Martin got picked up and the first series against the Phillies looked great. You were pumped up. Then all of a sudden he got blurred vision, can't see the baseball and is teetering towards a DL stint.

Geovany Soto - Why not make it a tri-fecta of catcher pain. Soto's been banged up but with just 19 at bats he's got 2 hits, scored 1 run, and has 1 rbi. Ahhhhhh. Catcher madness.

Big Papi - He kept sliding in your draft and eventually you said you know what maybe he's got something left. Well, he doesn't. No homers through two weeks and batting around the Mendoza Line.

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